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Our cast and crew for Ching Chong Chinaman by Lauren Yee – our debut production!

We’re committed to working with theatre-makers of diverse Asian heritages and experience, including but not limited to South Asian (e.g. Indian, Pakistani), East Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese), Middle Eastern (sometimes referred to as West Asia), South East Asian (e.g. Vietnamese, Laotian) and including bi- and multi-racial artists.

Crew Callout

We’re always looking to encourage artists to join our productions. We are currently building up our network of Sydney crew & creatives via this Google Form, and will endeavour to set up a Zoom with you when we have a suitable project, or as soon as we can.

Upcoming Auditions

Thank you to all the young actors around Australia who applied for the online development of Natasha Pontoh-Supit’s new play. We hope this project keeps you all busy during this August, spent at home.

Keep your eye out for more opportunities!