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Our cast and crew for Ching Chong Chinaman – our debut production!

We’re committed to working with theatre-makers of diverse Asian heritages and experience, including but not limited to South Asian (e.g. Indian, Pakistani), East Asian (e.g. Japanese, Korean, Chinese), Middle Eastern (sometimes referred to as West Asia), South East Asian (e.g. Vietnamese, Laotian) and including bi- and multi-racial artists.

Since our first production in January 2021, Slanted Theatre has since grown to be a community of emerging and new Asian-Australian theatre-makers. Previous productions include, Three Fat Virgins Unassembled for KXT bAKEHOUSE, which won a Sydney Theatre Award for Costume, Ching Chong Chinaman at Chippen Street Theatre, Lady Precious Stream for The Flying Nun at Brand Xand works at 2021’s Short + Sweet Sydney.

Chain Play

A Chain Play is a collaborative play written by multiple writers. Each writer writes one scene, and the ensuing product is usually fun, experimental, and sometimes, absurd!


18 September: Bump In (Stage Manager, Designers, Directors)
19 September: Tech & Dress (ALL required)
20-24 September: Performances at Flight Path Theatre

Auditions [SYDNEY]

Thanks for your interest in Slanted Theatre’s CHAIN PLAY!

The following pack contains everything you need to know about auditioning for CHAIN PLAY, important dates, and other key information you need to know.

CHAIN PLAY is in fact two experimental plays – Red and Yellow (titles not final), in which multiple playwrights have written one scene, with each playwright only knowing the scene preceding it and without prior knowledge of the other scenes. The results are something very amusing, strange, and whimsical!


Artistic Director – Tiffany Wong
Producer – Aaron Cornelius
Set/Costume Designer – Rachel Hui

Director (Red) – Katie Ord
Assistant Producer (Red) – Clara Wong

Director (Yellow) – Sammy Jing
Assistant Producer (Yellow) – Nelson Lee



Mary, 52, aged care manager (female-identifying)
My, 23, aged care worker (female-identifying)
Alex, 72, kind warm client (any gender)
Banker, unknown age, banker, (any gender)
Indigo, early 40s, socialite, daughter of Alex (female-identifying)
Tom, mid 40s, uber deliverer, preferably Eurasian (male-identifying)

Playing ages are flexible, but ideally will be close to the written ages.


Anne, 30, therapist, Chinese (female-identifying)
Ella, early 20s, Chinese (female-identifying)
Tim, Eurasian, and speak (or ready to learn) either Cantonese or Mandarin phrases (male-identifying)
John Harris, Eurasian/Chinese (male-identifying)
Patrick Xi, any Chinese background (male-identifying)
Ben, any Asian identifying except Eurasian (male-identifying)
Bubble Tea Worker, must not have an Australian accent (any gender)


Auditions are open to performers of diverse Asian heritages (some roles may be specific as per above).

Please click the button below to complete our Google Form.

You will need to prepare a showreel or 3-minute self-tape videos and send us a link (unlisted YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo, etc. Existing videos are fine! )


Submissions close: Wed 10 August at 5pm.
Callbacks: Fri 12 August
Rehearsals: Weekly on Wed and Fri mornings.


Submissions close: Fri 12 August at 5pm.
Callbacks: Sun 14 August
Rehearsals: Weekly on Tue and Thu afternoons.

If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to email us at

The production team will contact you on the outcome of your audition after the deadline. 


We are looking for crew members of diverse Asian heritages to join our creative team for two Chain Plays, presented at Sydney Fringe.

Email to express interest in any of the below roles and include what interests you about the role/project, and if you have had any experience in the role or working in theatre. Applications are due ASAP.

Set Designer Assistants – The role includes assisting our set designer which could be helping source or build elements.

Lighting Designer(s) & Assistants – The role involves designing the lighting for one or both plays. They will need to be well organised and utilise a standard lighting rig creatively, within the constraints of festival conditions.

Due to tight turnaround, designs will need to be planned comprehensively prior to bump in/tech. The role may involve liaising with other Sydney Fringe Festival production teams which will be sharing the venue during show week. NB. The lighting designer is not required to operate for the performances.

Stage Manager & Assistants – The role involves coordinating cast schedules, organisation of the rehearsal room, and maintaining the the smooth running of performances. They are responsible for the health and safety of the cast and crew which includes running fight calls, pre-show checks, although this will likely be in tandem with the director. They will also record blocking and cue notes in the prompt book, and prepare rehearsal and show reports.