An Asian-
Australian Theatre Company.

Established in Sydney in 2021.

A brief introduction

We’re two years old!

We were featured on the 2022 Champion List of Asian Australians, woohoo!

We’ve just celebrated our second birthday through a presentation of 7 new works and excerpts prepared in just 2.5 weeks. Birthday Bash was a great excuse to bring back many familiar faces into the fold – since our inception, we have worked with at least 97 Asian Australian artists – directors, writers, actors, photographers, and more! While mostly based in Sydney, we’ve also managed to work with an artist in Melbourne and one in Canberra and are looking to continue expanding!

In September, we also presented two world premieres in Chain Play: How Asian Are You? and When There’s A Will, There’s A Way. With over 40 artists involved it was a huge production of emerging artists.

In April, we presented a fresh, new take on Lady Precious Stream – a popular 1930s British translation of a traditional Chinese work! Our team brought it to life as a 1930s-esque rehearsal room setting with jazz and classical music fused with Peking Opera gestures.

Our productions from our first year include the 1990s Singaporean feminist work, Three Fat Virgins Unassembled which won an STA for Best Costume Design, and our debut play, Ching Chong Chinaman presented pandemic-style exploring an Asian-American. We were also working on new work from the online development of Natasha Pontoh-Supit’s Stans which kept us busy during lockdown, and What You Don’t Know and We Regret to Inform You That was presented in last year’s short + Sweet festival.

Getting To Know Us

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Why You’ll Love Us

We’re all about building a community of Asian theatre-makers and audiences. Whether we stage a new work, a classic, we’ll have a production for you.

Our hopes and dreams are to:

  • Work with Asian casts & crews
  • Support emerging artists of all ages
  • Present relevant & interesting work
  • Eliminate tokenism
  • Improve representation
  • Create conversations
  • Explore diversity within the ‘Asian’ community

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We are so grateful to our wonderful community and to our financial donors who help cover our day-to-day costs of insurance, websites, so we can focus on generating profits that can be used in our profit share.

In 2021, we say thank you to our donors
Yasmin Satiadi, Joy Hopwood, Sophia Davidson Gluyas, Dennis Wong, Lillian Chua, Sasha Leong, Laura Bromfield, Rhiannon Bateman, and Eezu Tan

As well as
Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy, Excelsia College, Heng Hua Import + Export, KXT bAKEHOUSE, Short + Sweet, and Sydney University Dramatic Society

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