I am a fat virgin. What’s wrong with that?
I am a fat virgin. If you don’t like it, tough.
I am a fat virgin and I am proud of it.

Season 24 Nov – 04 Dec | Wed – Sat 7.30 pm + Sun 5.00 pm
a part of the bAKEHOUSE StoryLines season at KXT

Playwright Ovidia Yu
Director Tiffany Wong
Producer Sonia Dodd
Dramaturg & Stage Manager Natalie Low
Composer & Musical Director Jolin Jiang
Set Designer Sarah Amin
Lighting Designer Jerri Kim
Costume Designer & Supervisor Esther Zhong
Production Assistant Vanessa Liu
Publicist Selina Zhen

with Sabrina Chan D’Angelo, Caroline George, Denise Chan and Happy Feraren

Special thanks to Suzanne Millar and John Harrison from KXT bAKEHOUSE who are a huge part of this show, and saved us (and the show) many times!

Thank you to our mentor and experts: Sifu Josh Smith from Australian Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy, Chris Starnawski, Jana Vass, Martin Kinnane, Samantha Cheng and Elizabeth Gadsby.

Achmed Amin, Tohirah Alweny, Grace Deacon, Harleigh English, Claire Ferguson, Josephine Gazard, Eric Jiang, Pele Kuipers, Puranjay Kumar, Josephine Lee, Stephanie Mireille, Pieter O’Hearn, Jacob Parr, Natasha Pontoh-Supit, Aaron Ronalds, Suzanna Steele, Liangyu Sun, Kaitlyn Symons, Colleen Willis & Jonathan Wong

Tackling Tokenism Head-On

As the women unpack their work, family and marital lives, the play reveals commonplace oppression and the cyclical nature of misogyny, and “how we perpetuate it without being aware we’re doing so,” says Wong.

I sometimes wonder if the idea of diversity we’re developing here now had come about 100 years ago, what kind of works would we have seen? We know the old American and British plays but what do the Asian plays of periods other than our own look like? That’s the theatrical canon I want to interrogate.

Elissa Blake (Audrey Journal)

Asian Bitches Down Under (Podcast)

Sabrina and Natalie Low

Rehearsal Visit

And I am laughing as quietly as I can as the characters fill the room with the witty and relatable dialogue, and the teacher in me cracks up as a mother assures her daughter. If it’s not in the syllabus don’t learn it, it’s not going to be on the exam…

This is obviously a group brought together by laughter and the joy of detail as I watch them work and as the scenes are comprehensively planned out, rehearsed, tweaked and rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed again. The play seems to be of its time and place and yet accessibly global.  I laughed and laughed along with them, but also had quite a few inescapable ah moments of recognition.

Judith Greenaway (Reviews By Judith)

Caroline In Conversation

You’ll really discover that it’s about the exploration of what that title, fat virgins means and where it comes from… Without giving too much away, we do get to play a number of different complex characters which as an actor is a total gift.

“I actually left Australia because I didn’t feel like there was enough work for me, for someone who looks like me… Coming back now, I’m just astounded how much things have progressed and changed and is so excited for a person of colour, and it’s only going to keep changing and growing for sure.

Caroline George, in conversation with Beth Tracey (2ser)