20–24 September | 9:30pm Tue/Wed/Thu/Sat, 6:30pm Fri
Flight Path Theatre, Marrickville

Two brand-new Australian plays will (accidentally) come to life, with each scene written by a different playwright.

Slanted Theatre’s Tiffany Wong (Lady Precious Stream, Three Fat Virgins Unassembled) leads a team of 40 emerging Asian-Australian writers, performers and creatives for this genre-bending, laugh-out-loud evening of theatre that’s full of surprises at every turn. 

Approximately 60 mins (no interval).

Play Synopses

Play 1: ‘Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way’ – Directed by Katie Ord.

“I hereby make the provision for the following gifts of assets to be given freely and absolutely…Cash of 1 billion dollars…… the person who is reading this… yes you!”

Aged care workers My and Mary stumble upon a Will from one of their residents, starting a chain of events involving Bankers, Bitcoin and…The Bachelor?

An Asian-Australian ‘Knives Out’ where nobody dies and everybody lives.

Play 2: ‘How Asian Are You?’ – Directed by Sammy Jing (Too Human, Rhomboid)

“So… I put him to the test. Like a game, if you will. And the game is called…”

You can’t be racist to Asians if you’re an Asian right? A bracingly funny exploration of race and culture about reckoning with love, identity, and trying to survive in this whole goddamn industry.


Presented by Slanted Theatre

Producer: Aaron Cornelius
Assistant Producers: Nelson Lee and Clara Wong
Artistic Director: Tiffany Wong
Production Designer: Rachel Hui
Assistant Costume Designers: Chloe Ho and Katrina Chan
Lighting Designer: Catherine Mai
Stage Manager: Natalie Baghoumian

For ‘Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way’:

Director: Katie Ord
Assistant Director: Enoch Li
Dramaturg: Eric Lee
Sound Designer: Johnny Yang

Playwrights: Julia Faragher, Natania McLeod Roberts, Mason Phoumirath, Natasha Pontoh-Supit, Niranjan Sriganeshwaran and Katrina Trinh

Cast (in order of appearance):

My: Teddy Jamieson
Mary: Michelle Masefield
Alex: Susan Ling Young
Banker: Brendon Chhor
Indigo: Stef Chang
Tom: Jeno Kim

For ‘How Asian Are You?’:

Director: Sammy Jing
Assistant Director: Natania McLeod Roberts
Dramaturg: Nigeen Ansari
Sound Designer: Sam Cheng

Playwrights: Matt Bostock, Alan Fang, Grace Hu, Christina Kim, Eezu Tan and Simone Wang

Cast (in order of appearance):

Anne: Susan Huang
Ella: Linda Chong
John Harris: Spencer Monro
Patrick Xi: Jonathan Lim
Ben: Eric Lee
Bubble Tea Worker: Marie-Jo Orbase
Tim: Cheng Tang