Lainey, an emerging Filipinx writer, is finally given her big break. However, with production resting on an industry showing, Lainey has to learn the difference between telling a good story, and putting on a good show.  

Fresh off of an acclaimed season in indie theatre, Lainey is given a chance to tell her story on the mainstage. However, due to concerns of ‘alienating their audience’, the show will only be made on the condition that they hold a successful development and showing of the work. From there and throughout, Lainey and the crew wrestle with the act of balancing what they want to say, to what people want to see. Fresh from emerging playwright Matt Bostock, Short Blanket is a searing examination of tokenisation, representation, and the ethics of selling stories in places that are seemingly never ready for them.

Season 17 May – 03 Jun | Meraki Arts Bar

The industry is compelled, given the way it is built, to present to the American people a self-perpetuating fantasy of American life… We are cruelly trapped from what we would like to be and what we actually are… These images are not designed to trouble, but to reassure. They weaken our ability to deal with the world as it is, and who we are, as we are”- James Baldwin (I Am Not Your Negro, 2016) 

Playwright Matt Bostock
Director & Producer Tiffany Wong
Assistant Producer – Production James Lau
Assistant Producer – Marketing Clara Wong